About Us

Our office is Of Primary leader offices in customs clearance which dates its inception more than thirty years, we have set us apart near the ports and airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide the fastest and the best service to our customers, whether outgoing messages or incoming.

  • The start practicing activity in 1402 running Services main office.
  • We have a system conscious of loyal professionals scattered all ports Kingdom highly experienced to finish the customs procedures as soon without any disputes and to provide the highest levels of performance in ridding the messages under the whole system of networks ,that allow us to easily pleased the flow of information to and from the client through the customer service department.
  • High experienced in providing all consultancy which relating to all wages for customs clearance.
  • Our Branches extended in most ports of Saudi Arabia kingdom.
  • Our potentials are clear in recoveries and adjustments drawback and temporary admission and subsidies disbursed on Saudi exports.


Our message:


Teamwork seeks in the office in creating these services to provide services with international levels like facilitate shipping procedures, and facilitate the process of calculating the customs duties on goods moving from country to another, which helps to improve business, industrial, and to support decision-making and activate surveillance and conduct the work.
If you buy a product online, or have a company (whether large or small) for export or import. It must have a rudimentary knowledge of ship cargo and customs clearance, especially since it is an important step to complete any purchase; After you have determined the type and quantity and price and method of payment comes here way shipping and customs clearance; whether by land or by sea or by air.
Shipping here represents a major part of the business cycle.